PFP is led by John Dunk who has over 30 years’ experience in fire protection. After establishing the European business of Textron Inc. in 1981 for their fire protection product Chartek which went on to become the world’s leading epoxy intumescent fire protection material and today is the most extensively used product of its type globally.

As part of the industry support to offshore operators, engineers and designers and those responsible for creating standards for fire protection John Dunk became involved in evaluating technical solutions and test methods including:

  • Large-scale jet fire testing in the UK at the Spadeadam facility
  • Jet fire testing with key owners at Sintef Norway
  • Understanding the effect of explosion on passive fire protection materials at UK test facilities
  • Test methods and processes to evaluate the effect of weather exposure on intumescent materials

Associate Consultant Ian Bradley has many years experience in passive fire protection and holds a Masters degree in Fire and Explosion from Leeds University and a Masters degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Sheffield.

Ian has many years practical experience across a range of passive fire protection areas including:

  • Fire test design, planning and optimisation for a range of passive and reactive steelwork protection systems
  • ‘Hydrocarbon’ and ‘cellulosic’ furnace testing, ISO and high temperature jet fire testing, division testing, vessels testing and ad-hoc product support testing
  • Assessment of test data, draft certification predication, liaison and negotiation with certification issuing bodies
  • Thermal modelling and prediction of product performance, in methods compatible with external heat transfer tools
  • Creation of 1D and 2D implicit finite difference modelling tools for heat transfer scenarios
  • Standards and test procedures pertinent to fire protection system qualification
  • A member of participation in a number of international standards committees for passive fire protection

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