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The FIRECEL Suite of data manipulation tools is designed to improve data capture and manipulation for companies involved in development of passive fire protection materials. FIRECEL enables more efficient product development, better external test design, more competitive product assessments and productivity savings. It achieves these aims by simultaneously improving the quality of data analysis and capture, while reducing the time spent on data manipulation. This frees up the time of laboratory operators, chemists and data assessment professionals to concentrate on their core jobs. Rapid production of detailed calculations and reports improves the quantity and quality of knowledge gained from a fire test, while powerful and easy database manipulation allows for enhanced product development and external test design.

The FIRECEL Suite consists of three individual programmes:

  • FIRECEL – A raw fire test data analyser
  • DATACEL – A fire test database with advanced query tools
  • PROCEL – A product assessment optimiser

FIRECEL and PROCEL have standalone functionality and can be purchased separately. DATACEL requires FIRECEL to function and cannot be purchased alone. However, the real strength in the FIRECEL suite comes when the 3 products are combined to unlock full analysis of all a client’s data and allow a seamless transition between fire test and product multi-temperature assessment. The FIRECEL Suite can act as a single system for analysis and capture of all test data, both internal and external test data, removing barriers to full data analysis.

All FIRECEL Suite products are customised to meet an individual client’s requirements during an implementation period following purchase. This customisation ensures a client’s in-house test facilities, sections report formats and data capture requirements are inherently included.

In addition PFP can be consulted for specialist solutions in the areas of heat transfer and thermal conductivity – please let us know your requirements.

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