Corrosion Protection

In addition to passive fire protection PFP Specialists also provide services in relation to paint coatings for the industrial and marine market, particularly in respect of the oil and gas market where paint coatings see a wide variety of environments from harsh, dry desert environment through to severe marine exposure where the correct specification the use of coatings is a necessity for long-term protection of steel structures.

Issues frequently arise in relation to paint coatings and passive fire protection coatings, it is often the case that insufficient attention is paid to ensuring that the right specification is used where corrosion protection coatings and fire protection coatings are used in combination. Understanding the interaction of the various layers, from primer through to top coat, and basing the specification on the specific type of passive fire protection to be used is key to longevity of the installation and, most importantly, its ability to perform in the fire environment.

Beyond specification and getting into the construction environment having the correct practical understanding of corrosion protection coatings makes a significant difference to both cost of installation and longevity.

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